Kairos Palestine

Kairos (καιρός)

An ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment, the supreme moment; a crucial time when a statement is made. In the New Testament, 'kairos' means "the appointed time in the purpose of God,” the time when God acts (e.g. Mark 1.15, when Jesus said "the kairos is fulfilled").

At a “kairos moment,” believers in Catholic , Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican and Baptist traditions in the Palestinian Christian community issued a statement to the world. It was announced in Bethlehem in December 2009: Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth or the "Kairos Palestine Document."

In their own words: “This document is the Christian Palestinians’ word to the world about what is happening in Palestine. It is written at this time when we wanted to see the Glory of the grace of God in this land and in the sufferings of its people. ....Our word is a cry of hope, with love, prayer and faith in God. We address it first of all to ourselves and then to all the churches and Christians in the world.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu wrote to the Palestinian Christians for the launching of Kairos Palestine in December 2009:

The Kairos Palestine Document has galvanized people of faith around the world to pay attention to what is happening in Palestine and Israel, learn the reality of life there and become agents for peace through effective and united advocacy.

Today, in over twenty nations there are Kairos movements that have responded to the call from Kairos Palestine.  In the United States, many Christian denominations - including Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Mennonite, and more -  have flourishing movements that name Kairos Palestine as their inspiration. 

For a united ecumenical American Christian response to Kairos Palestine, we have Kairos USA, the inspiration for our conference, which you will be hearing about that day.

We suggest that you download the Kairos Palestine document and read it in advance. Read it even if you are not coming to the conference!

Visit their website  to learn about the Christians of Kairos Palestine and the remarkable growth of their movement: www.kairospalestine.ps

“We are reminded by Holy Scripture that
‘when one part of the Body suffers, we all suffer’….You are in my prayers as you launch this very special document.  It is filled with grace, where it could have been filled with anger. It is filled with profound and prophetic words, and our God who neither slumbers nor sleeps will hear your cry and  will be
your Emmanuel.”

Staff of Kairos Palestine at their office in Bethlehem

Saturday, April 18, 2015   •    8:00 am-4:30 pm     •    Holy Family Catholic Church, St. Joseph Center    •    1524 South Fremont Ave    •    South Pasadena, CA